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Jennifer Cram - Brisbane Marriage Celebrant
No 1 Marriage Celebrant ABIA QLD Awards 2013 (rated 99.92%);
3rd Place Marriage Celebrant Awards 2018 (rated 99.90%)

Finalist ABIA awards every year since 2009
Finalist ABIA Designer of Dreams Awards every year since 2011
Relaxed, Fun, Entertaining Ceremonies
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Author of numerous books on various aspects of weddings

All couples welcomed with open arms
  1. You have to give Notice of your intention to marry to your celebrant at least a full calendar month before the big day on the Notice of Intended Marriage
  2. You have to show your celebrant proof of your date and place of birth (birth certificate or passport), together with photo ID.
  3. If either of you has been married before you have to show proof of how that marriage ended (divorce or death certificate)
  4. You have to sign a Declaration of No Legal Impediment to the Marriage quite close to the big day
  5. On the day you have to have two adult witnesses present. They do not have to be Australian citizens or residents.
  6. Your celebrant still has to recite a passage from the Marriage Act which includes the legal definition of marriage, which now reads "the union of two people"
  7. You have to say certain words to create the marriage
  8. You, your witnesses, and the celebrant have to sign the Register and the certificates
And then, you get to live happily ever after as Mrs&Mrs, Mr&Mr, or Mr&Mrs, as the case may be.

I am not a bland and boring marriage celebrant. And I don't do bland and boring ceremonies. But nor do I have 'look-at-me disease'! What I do have (much more important) is loads of experience, both in life, and as a celebrant, and a fresh and innovative way of approaching your ceremony.

From the first meeting, Jenny instilled us with confidence that she could and would craft a wedding ceremony that suited the two of us exactly - and that is exactly what she did. She provided a wealth of information, on both weddings and marriage. Being involved with the drafting of our ceremony was immensely valuable, allowed us to balance what we both wanted said on the day, consider and reflect, and get it exactly right. Her suggestions of what to add to (and what to leave out of) the ceremony were spot on.
The ceremony was wonderful. It went smoothly, Jenny spoke warmly, it was lighthearted and yet retained the dignity appropriate to the event - just as we'd hoped. The two moments when the ceremony went off-script only added to the occasion, and feature regularly in fond re-tellings of the day. Many of our guests commented on how well Jenny had made and delivered a ceremony that was unique and exactly true to us.
- Kristin and Joel

I'm NOT going to tell you I'm awesome, or fun, or funny, or quirky, or hip, or vibrant. It's not about me, it's about you. Your ceremony. Your day. Your style. I can be (and usually am, when it is appropriate) all of those things, though I assure you I have no aspirations to being the stand-up comedian, centre-stage throughout the ceremony, hogging the limelight.  I'm not going to elbow my way into selfies either! What matters is, that with me as your celebrant, the lead-up to your ceremony will be relaxed, stress-free, and fun, that, in the planning phase, I explore with you all the possibilities for an entertaining and engaging ceremony, that ideas of tradition or misunderstanding about what is required to make sure your marriage is legal do not prevent or inhibit you from thinking outside the box (or, for that matter, pretty well throwing the box away) . For example, did you know that the celebrant doesn't have to do all the talking?

Probably not, because most weddings are just talking heads - with it being 98% the celebrant and only 2% the couple, doing the talking. Not only do most celebrants like it that way, some even make a big feature of it! And that's another thing that makes me different. I'm very comfortable with creating and leading marriage and civil partnership notary ceremonies where the couple do a lot of the talking themselves. In fact, it is something I encourage. As is having family members involved that way as well.

Dear Jennifer, Mark and I can not thank you enough for your services.  As effortlessly as you delivered the whole ceremony, the guests would not have known how much work you had put in to making our day as wonderful as it was. We knew!! We completed all those surveys and sent multiple emails which you took in your stride and handled so professionally and with due sensitivity. We had so much fun at our own wedding and even though we had read the ceremony, it still amazed and  touched us. We especially loved the surprise portion. We were not going to video the wedding, though after having a hint of something a little extra occurring we had the photographer set up a video, although we have all sorts of other sounds, planes, wind and lots and lots of laughter, it was great to capture the surprise you had for us and how we handled it. The service you deliver is absolutely, hands down terrific value for money. Our ceremony was everything we wanted and a true reflection of us, you captured the best of us and delivered it marvellously. Thank you!!  You have our highest recommendation. Gratefully - Hanna & Mark

Spontaneity is also good - but I'm not going to turn up on the day without a script that you've had a chance to read well beforehand. And do you know why that is? Because I not only care about your wedding ceremony, I care deeply about your marriage, and that includes caring deeply about the positive impact involving you in the preparation for the ceremony can have, and caring deeply about the positive impact your ceremony can have on your support network of family and friends.

You created such a beautiful and heartfelt wedding ceremony for us that really captured the essence of us, the moment, the setting and all our family and friends present. We all appreciated the warmth and personal nature of the ceremony. You are delightful, informative, relaxed and funny. Your knowledge of your profession is vast and impressive and you're always available to advise, make suggestions, soothe and surprise in fantastic ways. A true professional, we highly recommend you to any couple going down the same path. Thank you so much Jenny! :) Vanessa and Patrick

I'm NOT going to tell you that I am so awesome that I don't work with boring couples. For a start, every couple is interesting to me and I am happy not to make snap judgements. Besides, your wedding is not just about you (or me). While the White Wedding Industry has done a good job of convincing everyone that a wedding is a big fat stage show production with bride (especially) and groom as the stars and the centre of attention, that's not exactly true, unless you make it so. Weddings are about everyone gathering to celebrate your marriage, and the secret of a great wedding is that single word - everyone. That's one good reason why I don't need to bury my head in a script for the whole ceremony.

Whatever your vision for your ceremony, and whatever your ceremony I will 'get' it, I will 'get' you and I will work with you to make it happen in a way that far exceeds your expectations. My 11 published books on various aspects of weddings, with more in the pipeline, attest to just how much I do know about weddings and commitments, and how much thought and creativity I put into every aspect of the ceremony.

I prepare carefully, write a ceremony that reflects who you are and your wishes, make sure you are happy with it (which is why I don't entirely wing the ceremony on the day) and then on the day, interact with you and with your guests, while ensuring that you interact with one another and with your guests.

You are VERY good at what you do Jen, and you have such a wonderful and warm it is NO wonder that you get rated so highly. Love your work, and look forward to working with you again soon - - Piper Joe McGhee

Your ceremony will not be a boring or ho-hum experience for either you or your guests.  And I definitely will not be trying to talk you into having anything you don't want (except the legal bits, of course). So not only have I spent a lot of time and thought analysing the traditional wedding so I  know which bits needed updating, and why and how that can be done, I am also quite relaxed about how structured the ceremony is (or isn't), and about leaving all the naff bits out. So you won't find me mindlessly incorporating outdated gender stereotypes, tired old rituals or long-winded readings used as fillers, a blow-by-blow account of how you met and the daily details of your relationship, or presumptuous and boring lectures.

Where you want to be married but your legal or your ID documentation situation is tricky that's not a problem. I know the Marriage Act inside out, I'm familiar with all the quirks and individuality of documentation regimes in many, many countries, and I'm willing to spend time on both that aspect of your wedding as well. So if anyone can make your marriage happen, it is me.

My aim is that no-one watches the clock, everyone is entertained by the ceremony, and everyone goes away saying "that was so them...." so I take a very creative approach to fusing as much or as little tradition as you want with your personal style to create a contemporary personal ceremony. I put a lot of effort into preparing your ceremony, will turn up appropriately dressed, conduct the ceremony with warmth and good humour, and do nothing to make myself the centre of attention. This is your day. You will be centre-stage. It IS all about you.

Read on, Read more ... or give me a call to chat a can meet those expectations in a way that is not run-obout what you expect from your celebrant and how If-the-mill, and to talk to me about the very real difference between a personal ceremony (which is what I do) and a personalised ceremony (which is what you settle for when you engage the typical celebrant).

I don't just do weddings and civil partnership declaration ceremonies. Whether you're looking for a  Wedding Celebrant, Naming Celebrant, Gay-Friendly Commitment Celebrant or Renewal of Vows, or a skilled and sympathetic celebrant to create a Divorce or End-of-Relationship ceremony to help you move on with your life, give me a call on 07 3378 3005 or send me an email to find out how unique, personal, and fun your ceremony can be.
07 3378 3005 or send me an email

When you sent me the draft of our ceremony I read it a thousand times and every time I was reduced to tears ....[On the day, the ceremony was] Amazing. A sensory overload. It was everything and more. It was comfortable but important, light, but romantic. Beautiful in every hit the nail on the head .... Your experience shows in all the ways you conducted yourself from dealing with our crazy family, to a show-stealing doggy and an over emotional bride who got a giggle fit. Out of 10 you're 100! - Michelle and Brendan

Comments from couples
Within the first 5 minutes of meeting we knew you were our celebrant. (Kimmy knew after speaking with you over the phone :)  We loved your matter of fact, practical approach that helped us break away from some of the more cliche'd arrangements on offer. It was hardly surprising that time raced away during our initial meeting!  Our Mums loved being involved and Gigi was so touched by the way you included Kimmy's Grandpa in such a subtle and considered way. The ceremony was so special, low key as we had hoped but with a few twists to keep everyone on their toes and having a few laughs as well. The words you spoke were polished and touching. Particularly the reference to what our government legally terms as marriage and what our opinion of this is. Your attention to detail and organisation were reassuring even when we threw the birth certificate curve ball at you! You always kept a sense of humor with us during the process. You even saved Brendan's finger from certain amputation! Kimmy cannot thank you enough for all of your suggestions and editing of the vows. It was so important to her that we were clear on what we were promising each other and the keepsake copies of our ceremony were so thoughtful. We can now look back on these as the years pass by and make sure we're always maintaining our end of the bargain! - Brendan and Kim

From our very first phone call to Jennifer we found her approach to be comfortable, calm and competent, whilst being professional yet personal. These thoughts were proved during our first face-to-face meeting. Jennifer conducted the ceremony in such  manner allowing our love to shine. Barely a dry eye in the house our guests commented it was the best, most meaningful, personalised civil ceremony they have ever attended. We would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Jennifer. We provide this testimonial with our heartfelt thanks. Kind regards and love - Craig and James

Thank you so so much for Saturday. The ceremony was wonderful. Many people have said it was the best wedding ceremony they have ever been to. I know people say that all the time but I actually believe them. It was wonderful, thoughtful and personal and my family and friends have said they loved your delivery and dry sense of humour along with the personal touches. We are so delighted that we chose you as our celebrant - Katie and Lachie

Ryan and I would just like to say thank you for all the behind the scenes effort that you put together to help make our day spectacular!   You really went over and above what I was expecting.  You are definitely deserving of the awards you have earned. Our guests have not stopped raving about what an awesome job you did.  We even have friends that said they wished they would have had you as their celebrant when they got married. I have no hesitation in recommending you to others that are looking to get married - Natalie and Ryan
Comments from guests and photographers
Brooke wrote: "Such an amazing (tear jerking) ceremony I have been to for so long! These beautiful gals know how to commit! :) thank you for your fantastic services x"

From A Mighty Fine Shindig's blog: Their wedding was simple and heartfelt. Officiated by Jennifer Cram - the ceremony was divided several parts - with the couple saying their vows over a "Heart Stone" rather than by exchanging rings. There were several other surprises that Jennifer threw in that brought tears to the eyes of everyone who attended. We're sworn to secrecy (sssh!) but trust us - it was amazing.

Kimberly's mother wrote: Jennifer, thank you so much for the beautiful, personal, poignant ceremony you performed for Kimberly and Adam yesterday. From America, a civil celebrant ceremony was new to me and it really touched my heart. Thank you for all you did!

Scott Lawler of Scott Lawler Photography wrote: Jenny I have had the pleasure of working with you many times and I can honestly say that every time has been beautiful, intimate and personal. Experience counts for a lot, but it isn't just experience or the age of a person that makes a ceremony for a couple, it is a person who has a beautiful soul and puts that into their work that truly makes it a unforgettable and personal experience for the couples. The genuine emotions that you bring out in couples are such beautiful moments for them to share and from a photographers standpoint make our job even more special to be able to be part of and document for our couples.

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  • Track record of consistent high-quality service as judged by couples - Finalist ABIA Awards every year since 2009
  • Experience of creating and delivering more than 1100 ceremonies, each individual and unique
  • ABIA Accredited
  • Trained and educated - Advanced Diplomas in Marriage, General, and Funeral Celebrancy (all with High Distinction); Certificate IV in Marriage Celebrancy and Academic Qualifications in Humanities, Information Science, Management and Education.

I am a member of the AFCC, one of the largest national celebrant associations, however, I, and the majority of members, do not support the official position of the association as put to  the Senate Select Committee in January 2017 in the AFCC submission, in which the AFCC expressed that it supported ‘exemptions’ for celebrants who would prefer to not perform ‘same sex’ marriages

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