The Notice of Intended Marriage

The Notice of Intended Marriage is a critical document - you can't get married in Australia without completing it, having your signatures properly witnessed, and lodging it with your celebrant at least one clear calendar month before your wedding.

Download the Notice of Intended Marriage form, but before you do that here are the things you need to know about the form, and about giving notice:
  • The Notice of Intended Marriage notice period is one clear calendar month.  That doesn't translate into 30 days or 31 days. In fact the period is longer or shorter depending on the date on which you gave notice. If you give notice on any day up to the 28th of the month, you will always be able to get married on the same day the next month, because no month is shorter than 28 days. But what if you give notice on January 30? Because February is either 28 or 29 days long, the first day on which you could get married would be March 1. If you gave notice on May 31, because June only has 30 days, the first day on which you can legally marry would be the first day of July.
  • Your Notice expires 18 months (1.5 years) after the date you lodge it with me
  • While errors in the Notice can be corrected, it is easier all round if you don't have errors in it. Please read the instructions carefully.
  • You have to show me official documentary evidence to back up the information you enter on the Notice
    • Birth Certificate or Passport as proof of date and place of birth. If you cannot supply one of these talk to me about whether there is any alternative course of action you can take.
    • Photo ID
    • Divorce Certificate, Death Certificate, or Certificate of Annulment as proof that you are free to marry again - only needed if you have been previously married
    • Persons who changed their name through a previous marriage will also need to show me that marriage certificate as proof that all the documents related to the same person.