A Naming Ceremony as Beautiful as Your Baby
Fee: $350 for a unique, custom-created fully personalised ceremony with beautiful certificates and unique inclusions not offered by other celebrants     Naming Ceremony Packages

NB: I am fully vaccinated for the protection of your child and of other children and vulnerable persons attending the ceremony.

A  naming ceremony  performs no legal function. The value is in the ceremony itself, the way it can strengthen the bonds between parents and grandparents, parents and child, parents and other supporting adults, so its important to get it right. A naming ceremony can help you clarify how you want to support your child as he or she grows. It provides the opportunity for significant adults to express their wishes and hopes for the child's future, and commit to supporting and nurturing the child and each other. It also provides you, as the parent(s)  with an opportunity to acknowledge your gratitude to  family, friends, and particularly godparents (also called guardians, sponsors,  mentors, guideparents or any term you choose) for their involvement in your child's life, and to share the wonder, joy and pride you feel.

Having created and conducted a personal naming ceremony for in excess of 300 children, you can be confident that I can and will provide an expert and unique service that simultaneously celebrates the birth or adoption of a child and designates the new roles of parents, grandparents and godparents. Your naming ceremony will be a joyous expression of welcome, both to the family and to the wider community. It will also be a reminder of the great responsibility involved in raising a child, and a formal mechanism to recognise and appoint the godparents and other significant adults, such as grandparents, who will have important roles in the nurturing the child and support the child's development. 

Because they are not religious ceremonies, recognised by formal religious institutions, naming ceremonies are sometimes called secular christenings, and are ideal for parents who have no religious convictions. However, having a naming ceremony does not preclude a religious christening or baptism at a later date where parents believe that children should choose their own spiritual path and values when they are mature enough to do so, or where the family belongs to a denomination that does not believe in infant baptism. Nor does the secular nature of the naming ceremony preclude religious content. If parents specifically request a prayer or religious reading this can be included.

A naming ceremony can also complement a church baptism, as part of the christening celebration at home, and as a means of formally welcoming the child into the family and the community.   A naming ceremony can be held not only to celebrate the birth or adoption of a child, but also other situations such as fostering, and the creation of new family relationships through marriage.

There are no age limits to namings. All the siblings of a family can be named at the same time. The ceremony can also be combined with a wedding or reaffirmation of vows.

In preparing for a naming ceremony I will spend time getting to know your family to ensure I create a ceremony which perfectly reflects your needs, your beliefs, your values and  the unique qualities of your child and your child's heritage. As with all my ceremonies, I will ensure that the ceremony is inclusive and participatory, and that, in addition to the godparents/mentors the ceremony includes all significant family members - parents, grandparents, brothers and sisters of the baby, for example, and friends. Part of ensuring that all significant family members feel included is presentation of thank-you certificates which include a photograph of the child.

You will also be provided with resources and information to help you plan and organise your child's naming day - including
  • Your godchild your godparent responsibilities: a guide to share with those you have chosen to fulfil this important role in your child's life
  • Guidelines for arranging a naming ceremony in a private home/garden
  • Guidelines for reading aloud
  • Balloons and Naming Ceremonies
  • Candles and Your Ceremony
  • Scrapbooking your child's naming ceremony
  • and much more.....
At the ceremony you will receive a beautifully presented keepsake copy of the ceremony and a naming certificate tailored to the number of godparents, guideparents, mentors (you choose what you wish to call them) and to your family situation.

Other items I bring with me to enhance your ceremony include lovely items to use in naming your child, a naming register, and a quality pen for the signing. A signing table and cloth can be provided at a small extra charge

Creative use of symbols such as candles, wishing stones, trees, mementos, gifts,  items of family significance, together with innovative inclusion of references to your child's ancestry and cultural background are a feature of all of my ceremonies

My fee for a Naming Ceremony
Creating a custom-created naming ceremony takes commitment, creativity, knowledge and time that goes far beyond the visible half hour of the actual ceremony.

The invisible hours (15+) include:
  • Communicating with you by phone and/or email.
  • Providing you with information about the framework for the ceremony and exploring with you ideas and opportunities to ensure that your ceremony fits with the overall style of your child's naming day celebrations but also provides substance.
  • Preparing and completing all the certificates
  • Creating the first draft of the ceremony and reworking it as we finalise it.
  • Creating and printing the keepsake copy of the ceremony
  • Travel to and from the ceremony venue
  • Briefing those who are participating in the ceremony
While fees and services of celebrants vary widely, you would expect to pay a higher fee for a custom-created ceremony with substance that, through both its language and its style reflects who you are, and creates a blueprint for your parenting of your child. Yet many celebrants who offer a pretty standard boiler-plate ceremony will charge as much as I do. I don't need to charge you for time spent inefficiently!

My all-inclusive fee for a Naming ceremony for one child  is $350, including travel to a ceremony site up to 50km (100km return) from my office.
Add-on cost for naming each additional child (sibling) $50.
Additional fees apply where more than one child, not being a sibling, is named in the same ceremony.
When combined with a Marriage Ceremony, 50% reduction in Naming Ceremony fee.
Cost for travel above 100km by negotiation.
Parking fees (where required due to the nature/location of the venue) at cost.
Payment accepted by Cash, Direct Deposit, Credit Card, and PayPal

More Information
Adult namegiving ceremonies
There are a number of reasons why an adult might like a namegiving ceremony, including having missed out in childhood, having legally changed your name  or,  perhaps, having undergone a gender reassignment. An adult namegiving ceremony is similar in format to that for a child, so virtually all of the above will apply. It is just as significant and joyous an occasion, but, because of the maturity of the person being named, the ceremony also recognises and celebrates the life-journey to this point, and your unique character and personality.