Engagement (Betrothal) Ceremonies

So you've just got engaged ... Congratulations!
An engagement is unique because it is a threshold between two stages in your lives. Your engagement is your declaration to yourselves and others, that you are no longer single. Though you are not yet married, your engagement is the your first formal vow. 

Popping the question is an important, private ritual. But what follows is your intent to formalise your engagement and to move towards marriage together. So why not turn your engagement party into a solemnisation of your commitment to marry? In days gone by our ancestors regarded a betrothal as a solemn occasion on which, in front of witnesses, the couple took vows promising to marry in the future.

During the period you were courting, your relationship deepened, but you are still in the process of building and exploring your relationship and discovering each other.  An engagement (betrothal) ceremony is not only a chance to publicly share the private commitment made by the proposal and the acceptance, the process of working with a skilled celebrant can set the stage for both your wedding and your marriage. It can be a lovely way of announcing you are engaged, if you haven't already done so,  and can incorporate that moment when the engagement ring is slipped onto your finger. You could also incorporate handfasting in your engagement ceremony.

An engagement ceremony gives you an opportunity to "try out" the tone and theme you might be thinking of for your wedding - or you can do something quite different. Because there are no legal requirements, your promises to each other can be anything you choose - solemn, romantic, or downright whacky, or all three.

My all-inclusive fee for a Betrothal ceremony is $335, including travel to a ceremony site up to 50km (100km return) from my office.
Cost for travel above 100km by negotiation.
Parking fees (where required due to the nature/location of the venue) at cost.
Payment accepted by Cash, Cheque, Direct Deposit, and Money Order.
No hidden costs, add-ons, or extra 'surprise' charges.