Choosing your celebrant
When you start out on your search for a celebrant it is likely you'll be browsing through celebrant websites as a first cut to developing a short list of possibles. And that's where things can get tricky as, though all celebrants are definitely not equal, most make very similar claims on their websites.

So how do you quickly and easily decide who to cull and who to keep on your short list?  Use an old recruiter's trick - look at each from the point of view of looking for a reason NOT to put them on the short list and you'll find it much easier to pare the list down to a manageable size. Don't, however use price as your first criterion!  Leave that as the last consideration to make sure that you are comparing like with like.

For a quick 30 second tick or flick do the following:
  1. Look at the photos on the website. A surprising number of celebrants pad out their sites with stock photos or photos grabbed off other celebrants website to give the impression that they've done more weddings than they actually have. So look carefully at the celebrant in the photos. Is it the same person?
  2. Read the testimonials. Are they all written in the same style? Do the dates make sense? (I recently stumbled across a Brisbane celebrant's website that included a testimonial for a wedding conducted on a date that doesn't exist in the calendar).
  3. Look at the general writing style of the site. Spelling errors? Bad grammar? Patchy - some parts well-written, others not can be an indicator of plagiarism or lack of capacity to actually write an original ceremony.
Once you have done that you'll have a manageable list of celebrants to consider. Now is the time to look at what the celebrant offers for your ceremony - one size fits all or flexibility that meets your specific needs. When you've done that you'll have a good basis on which to compare prices, as you are closer to comparing like with like - and then it is just a matter of prioritising what is important to you to whittle your list down even further.

One way to do this is not only to ask the 'normal' questions of the celebrant, but to also ask yourself lots of questions about how you feel. You'll find these by clicking on the link below.