Your Investment
(i.e. what you will pay me)

A beautiful ceremony doesn't just take half an hour - it takes many hours of preparation, years of experience, and a lifetime of knowledge, creativity, and wisdom.

What you spend on your ceremony is an investment. But it is also a reflection of your priorities. By and large, when it comes to your celebrant, you get what you pay for. Comparing celebrants on fee alone can be a huge trap, because there are many reasons why a celebrant's fee may be lower than other celebrants in the area
  • he/she may be starting out and is hoping to use your ceremony as a learning experience - big risk for you
  • he/she may be deliberating undercutting other celebrants in order to gain some work and/or experience and may then resent that you are paying so little - big risk
  • he/she may charge a small amount but actually do very little for it - a bare bones ceremony without heart or creativity - your guests will feel short-changed and so will you. This is a growing trend with weddings in particular as celebrants look to US civil ceremonies available on the web as a benchmark.  Frankly, if you're prepared to settle for a 7 minute one-size-fits-all ceremony, the Registry Office is your best bet. 

A cheap ceremony may not necessarily be value for money, as it may be quite expensive if broken down to per hour of effort put in by the celebrant.  More than any other provider, your celebrant can ruin you day. A cake that doesn't turn up, or looks amateurish won't impact on the legality of your marriage. A celebrant that botches your ceremony, or ignores your wishes, or simple delivers a ho-hum 'we've seen all of that before ceremony' can potentially make you a laughing-stock, and will definitely compromise the mood.

I understand that budget can be an issue, so I offer a range of packages with a very clear summary of what you will get for the amount you are prepared to invest in your ceremony.

My ceremony fees are open and transparent
What I charge reflects that I provide not only ceremonial services, but also, for weddings, legal services. It also reflects the complexity of your ceremony. What you are prepared to pay (or what your friends tell you is a fair price) comes down to your priorities, how important your ceremony is to you compared with your cake, your flowers, your shoes (all of which will usually cost more than your celebrant!)

For weddings I suggest in the first instance you look at the Registry Office . A Registry Office wedding creates a legal marriage, but that is virtually all it does. The fee charged at the Registry Office will give you a benchmark for the most basic of ceremonies -  no choice of ceremony content, no personalisation, no PA system, no symbols other than your wedding rings, no traditions, no choice of venue, no rehearsal, no choice of celebrant (you get the marriage officer who is rostered on for the day) and no ongoing communication with your celebrant between booking your ceremony and the big day.  As a result your Registry Office celebrant will do no research or gathering of information from you to personalise your ceremony, will spend no time on creating a ceremony for you, and have no travel time

Next step - decide how much it is worth to you to have a celebrant who will deliver a ceremony that is positive, memorable, fresh, unique, and entertaining, allowing you to fully experience all the emotion of a once-in-a-lifetime occasion. For most people it is not a matter of not being able to afford the fairly modest fees celebrants charge, but a matter of priorities.

No matter which package you choose what you will get for your investment is the confidence that comes with knowing your celebrant is a very experienced and skilled full-time professional with excellent credentials and references who will work for you and with you to ensure your ceremony is meaningful and beautiful, a ceremony that is personal to you and completely new and fresh to your guests.

Don't see a package that completely meets your needs?
Create your own package and I will quote on it, or tell me how much you want to invest in your ceremony and I'll design a package for you.

What do you get for your money when you book me as your celebrant?
You get an experienced and professional celebrant, authorised by the Australian Government, the one component of your wedding that you can't do without. No celebrant, no marriage. But more than that you get a celebrant who is focused on you, who has the skills and the dedication to ensure your ceremony, however simple, is truly unique, a celebrant who goes the extra mile, or three, a celebrant who really cares about your ceremony and who understands the consequences of being slipshod. For other ceremonies a professionally created and led ceremony adds a great deal to the occasion.
While what your guests see is the actual ceremony, which takes around half an hour, the service you receive from me encompasses so much more.

For your wedding:
  • A high level of knowledge and skill regarding applicable legislation, creation and conducting of marriage and other ceremonies, cultural considerations
  • Deep background knowledge of the history and meaning of every part of the marriage ceremony which enables me to identify and provide alternatives that avoid the many overt and subliminal inequities between bride and groom that are so embedded in the traditional ceremony
  • Experience of identifying and sorting out complex situations in relation to your identity documentation
  • Responding to your emails and phone calls from your first enquiry to after the ceremony - often out of normal business hours
  • Meeting face-to-face often out of normal business hours
  • Follow up emails and calls to remind you of deadlines and legal requirements you need to meet in order that the ceremony can go ahead
  • Research related to your ceremony
  • Providing advice about how to deal with unusual situations regarding name changes, legal documentation etc that might arise
  • Writing, proof-reading, editing and modifying the ceremony according to your wishes
  • Travel time and mileage to and from rehearsal (if you have a full-caste rehearsal)
  • Conducting the rehearsal, often outside business hours
  • Creating and printing the marriage papers or certificates for other ceremonies
  • Creating, printing, and assembling the keepsake copy
  • Travel time and mileage to and from the ceremony venue
  • Set up and waiting time before the ceremony
  • Use of a quality PA system
  • Packing up after the ceremony
  • Submitting your marriage papers/civil partnership papers by registered mail
  • Overhead costs including advertising, insurance, stationery, certificates, celebrancy library, PA, vehicle costs  
For other ceremonies:
All of the above with the exception of the legal components related to a legal marriage or civil partnership.