Fiancé Visa (Prospective Marriage Visa) Immigration Requirements
If you or your fiancé are about to immigrate or in the process of immigrating to Australia, in order to comply with the requirements of the Immigration Department if you wish to obtain a fiancé visa (Prospective Marriage Visa subclass 300), you will need to make arrangements to marry within 9 months of o f the date on which the visa is granted.

The Department of Immigration will ask you to supply an Evidence of Notice Letter from a celebrant. This requires you to complete the Notice of Intended Marriage with a Marriage Celebrant who is authorised by the Commonwealth of Australia, and have the Celebrant write a letter to the Department, advising them of your intended marriage in Australia.

It will be my pleasure to assist you.

What you need to do:

  • Make an appointment to meet with me (if one partner is still overseas it is acceptable for only the partner in Australia to make the arrangements),
  • Bring with you to the meeting all documentary proof of identity required
  • Pay the booking fee for your ceremony (this fee is non-refundable and includes the cost of completing the Notice of Intended Marriage and the cost of  the letter for the Department of Immigration)
  • Discuss a date for the marriage and complete the Notice of Intended Marriage .
I will then produce the letter for the Department of Immigration, advising them that you and your fiance intend to marry and the date of the wedding.

NB: Should the Australian citizen/permanent resident who will be the sponsor also be overseas, or it be inconvenient for the Australian citizen/permanent resident to meet face-to-face with me, all of the above can be achieved from a distance.

Immigration Department information about  Prospective Marriage Visa (subclass 300)