Legals Only Weddings
If you want the bare legal minimum - with only 2 witnesses present - my Married in a Minute option is likely to be the perfect choice. Minimum legal requirements but in a relaxed atmosphere accompanied with love and laughter, so it is definitely not a "getting a dog licence" experience.

Your place or mine, or perhaps a favourite coffee shop (yours, not mine!).

I'll give you my booklets How to be Married in a Minute, Stress-Free and Getting Married, Your Rights and Obligations as well as pre-marriage relationship education information including the government pamphlet Happily Ever Before .... and After.

And, of course, all the legal paperwork, including registering your marriage, is included.

Psst... also ask about the "Married in a Minute - with Handfasting" option. The barest minimum of legal words with a visually gorgeous handfasting thrown in. Adds another minute to the experience, but what an addition (and I supply the necessary).

Wedding Ceremony Packages