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              Jennifer Cram
What You Have to do to Enter a Civil Partnership
There are certain things the Civil Partnership Act 2011 requires you to do, and if you don't do them then your civil partnership notary cannot go ahead with the ceremony because to do so would be an offence. All civil partnership notaries have to comply with the Civil Partnership Act so there is absolutely no leeway on this, and no point in trying to get round it!

Civil Partnership Declaration Ceremony Packages
Giving Notice
You must give a clear 10 days notice of your intention to enter into civil partnership by
  • completing a Notice of Intention to Enter a Civil Partnership form
  • signing the form in front of a qualified witness (of which a civil partnership notary is not one)
  • Giving it to your civil partnership notary (generally referred to as lodging it) together with certified copies of the required ID and proof of residence documentation.

(NB 10 clear days means if you count the day you give notice as day 1, the first day on which you can have your ceremony is day 12)

What if you don't want to that long?
There is no provision for shortening the notice period
Proving Who You Are and that You are Free to Enter into a Civil Partnership
  • You must give your civil partnership notary certified copies of the proofs of ID and residence listed on the Notice.
  • If you have been married or in a registered relationship or civil partnership or civil union before you must show your celebrant proof that that relationship is now legally ended and you are free to enter into a civil partnership
  • At least one of you must be able to prove that you live in Queensland
  • Any documents not in English or a language the celebrant reads well must be accompanied by an official translation
The Ceremony
  • You must both be physically present in the same space, together with your civil partnership notary and one adult witness (no skype or proxy weddings allowed)
  • Your full names must be used in order to adequately identify you to all present (I know, I know, but it is the law)
  • You each make a statement that you freely enter into the partnership.
  • Both partners, the legal witness and your civil partnership notary must sign the Declaration of Civil Partnership during the ceremony.
After the Ceremony
  • Your civil partnership notary is responsible for forwarding the documents to Births Deaths and Marriages
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