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Elope to Brisbane
The minute you say to each other "let's just elope" you eliminate many of the decisions you would have to make for a traditional wedding at home. You only have three decisions to make - where, when, and by whom.

Australia is a very easy country to marry in if you are a visitor from another country. And Brisbane Queensland is a wonderful place to start your holiday and your married life whether you are from overseas or from interstate Top that off with an experienced and creative celebrant (an officiant appointed by the Australian Government to conduct legal marriage ceremonies) who is well-traveled, comfortable with different cultural expectations, and skilled at working with people at a distance, and you've got the makings of a wedding ceremony that will surpass your dreams.

In Brisbane the sun shines 300 days a year, and our climate allows outdoor activities all year round. Add a major international airport and convenient access to a wide range of wonderful waterfront locations, parks, gardens, as well as innumerable interesting indoor and outdoor locations, together with big city variety, and you have everything you need conveniently to hand and usually at a lower cost than you will pay back home. (For example, for the cost of a registry office ceremony in England you will have a creative and interesting ceremony in a lovely location, on a day and at a time you choose, with enough change for a night in a luxury hotel afterwards).  Best of all, the trees are green and flowers are in bloom all year round.
Making the Arrangements
To arrange your marriage ceremony all you need to do is provide your celebrant with a properly completed, signed and witnessed Notice of Intended Marriage at least one month before the ceremony can take place.  This can be completed in another country but in that case your signatures must be witnessed by an official at the Australian Embassy or Consulate, or by a Notary Public. There are no licenses to buy and no residential requirements - so you can marry the day you arrive.

To book your wedding with me you will need to contact me to ensure I am available on your chosen day, complete my booking form and pay my fee.

No interviews are necessary (we can work entirely by email, phone, or airmail)

Choosing Where to Marry
There are no rules in Australia about how and where you marry. 
  • You can be married day or night on any day of the year (24/7)
  • A legal marriage can be performed anywhere you choose so you can be married  in a park, by the river, in a restaurant, a private residence, a wedding chapel, on a beach, in an interesting historical building or even surrounded by kangaroos, koalas, water dragons or other wildlife
If you let me know the type of venue you have in mind it will be my pleasure to suggest some places that meet your criteria and are within easy access of your accommodation. I can also help you with advice if you wish to have a professional photographer attend  your ceremony (a very good idea!), plus any other information you might need to make your dream wedding a reality.
Your Marriage Ceremony
There are no limitations on what you may include in a legal civil marriage in Australia. (NB in Australia civil does not mean a one-size-fits all standard ceremony in the courthouse, town hall or register office, it just means a marriage, conducted by a celebrant appointed by the government of Australia to perform marriage ceremonies in accordance with the Marriage Act.)

When eloping you can choose the style and type of wedding ceremony you want, whether or not you are eloping (that is the ceremony will be attended by the two of you, two witnesses, the celebrant and perhaps a photographer - though the photographer can be one of the witnesses) or you're having a destination wedding bringing friends and loved ones with you.

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How to Book Your Marriage Ceremony
  • Complete the booking form I will send you AND pay the non-refundable deposit. Both are required to lock the date and time into my diary
  • The balance of the fee is due one month before the ceremony
Please contact me to check my availability