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Have a Wedding Overseas
Despite what you might read elsewhere, an Australian marriage celebrant cannot perform a legal marriage ceremony in Bali or any other country and then register the marriage back in Australia.  Marriage is regulated by the laws of the place where the legal ceremony is performed. So, though an Australian celebrant may travel overseas for your ceremony, the ceremony will have to be a non-legal one. And if you wish to have your marriage registered in Australia you will need to have a legal marriage ceremony in Australia either before or after you travel overseas.

There is an alternative to having a non-legal ceremony in a language you don't understand, or a ceremony that doesn't fit your personalities and values. And it is not necessarily paying an Australian celebrant to have an overseas holiday at your expense.

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What you need to do to have a legal marriage overseas
Arranging a legal marriage in many countries can be both costly and complicated. You often have to spend a couple of days doing pre-wedding legal stuff involving the Australian Embassy and local authorities. You may have to be "resident" in the country for a lengthy period before your can marry, and then there are the language difficulties). You might wish to consider marrying legally in a lovely intimate ceremony either before or after your overseas ceremony.

Australia recognises legal marriages solemnised in other countries as long as those marriages meet Australian legal requirements in relation to marriageable age, monogamy, and gender.
So, your overseas marriage will be recognised as long as
  • both of you were at least 18 at the time of the marriage 
  • neither of you was legally married to another person at the time
  • you are one man and one woman.
And that also means that to be legally married the person who marries you has to be authorised to do so by the legal authorities in the place in which the marriage is held and the marriage has to be registered in that country.
Changing your Name After a Legal Overseas Marriage
Many Australian couples who  choose to have a romantic destination wedding  overseas are shocked when they come back to Australia  and find  when the bride goes to change her name that the various government authorities at both state and federal level will not accept an overseas marriage certificate for that purpose. She (or the groom if he chooses to change his name to his wife's) has to apply for, and pay for, a legal name change. which not only costs money ($160 in Queensland at the moment), takes some time, and changes the surname on  her birth certificate from her maiden surname to her married name.
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