Ceremonies for New Beginnings

House warming (house dedication) ceremonies

The custom of conducting a ceremony when you move into a new home is an ancient one, deriving from times when it was thought necessary to drive out any 'evil spirits' and to protect people living in or visiting the house.  Whether you own or rent your house or apartment a housewarming can really make your living space your own.

Some questions to consider when planning a housewarming ceremony:
  • What qualities do you want to foster in your home?
  • What will make it really feel like home?
  • Do you wish to rid the house of influences of previous occupants, or
  • Do you want to express gratitude for the way previous occupants cared for it
  • What blessings do you wish to ask for your home and everyone who lives in it or visits?
  • Including a house dedication ceremony in your house warming party is a fun way of conveying to your family and friends your wishes for all who visit the house and your commitment to making them feel welcome and at home.


A ceremony for the launching of a new venture will incorporate many of the elements of a house warming, but will also focus on your goals for the enterprise being launched.