I am authorised by the Australian (Commonwealth) government to solemnise legal marriages anywhere in Australia and by the Queensland Government to conduct Civil Partnership Declaration Ceremonies in Queensland. As a Humanist celebrant I am also able to solemnise legal marriages in many states of the United States of America.

Qualifications in celebrancy

Other qualifications

I hold a number of academic qualifications which have provided me with transferable knowledge and skills applicable to general celebrancy:

  • Bachelor of Arts, majoring in English Literature and Psychology
  • Diploma in Education
  • Higher Diploma in Library Science (With Distinction)
  • Graduate Diploma in Advanced Librarianship
  • Graduate Certificate in Public Sector Management

These qualifications and many years of experience in librarianship, education and management have equipped me with highly developed skills in

  • formal public speaking
  • capacity to 'read' an audience and ensure that they connect with the ceremony
  • interviewing clients to establish their needs
  • providing service and information to clients which meets their needs and timelines
  • research, analysis and synthesis of information
  • writing (author of approximately 100 published works)
  • creativity
  • attention to detail
  • high level computer skills that enable me to produce documents with professional layout and content
  • high level of comfort and facility with online communication
  • working with others to assist them to meet their own needs and achieve their goals