Reaffirmation of Vows (Renewal of Vows) $400-$650

Your renewal of vows ceremony - a celebrating your successful marriage

Everybody loves a wedding - and reaffirmation of your vows is a new interpretation of the wedding ceremony, incorporating all the joy and celebration of a wedding ceremony, but generally much more relaxed because of the confidence of the couple in their relationship. A wedding is a celebration of falling in love and beginning a marriage. A reaffirmation ceremony is a celebration of staying in love and of your commitment to your marriage. It celebrates your achievement of being successful at marriage. It has a different focus. You have already satisfied all the legal and social requirements for marriage. Reaffirming your vows is something you do merely because you want to - a chance to redefine your marriage, rededicate yourselves to it, celebrate what you've accomplished and look ahead to what is still to come.
The custom of reaffirming marriage vows is very popular with couples who are happily married and want to say so, to each other and to the world. And couples who have made a public declaration of their love in a commitment ceremony, though not legally married, are also increasingly reaffirming their vows after five, ten, twenty-five years or more of being together.

Commonly referred to as renewal of vows (not strictly speaking accurate because your vows don't have an expiry date) a reaffirmation vows ceremony can be held whenever you feel so inclined. Because every marriage is unique, there is no one right or best time for reaffirming your vows.  Important anniversaries (tenth, twenty-fifth, fiftieth) are often chosen for reaffirmation of vows, but reaffirmation can also be a rite of passage into a new period of your marriage. It can be a way of redefining the family as you move into the "empty-nest" period of your life.  If you've recently been through a particularly difficult time a reaffirmation ceremony can be an act of hope and renewal, a means by which formally to leave regrets and mistakes behind. Or, if you're a newly married couple who married away from family and friends, perhaps overseas,  a reaffirmation ceremony is a way of including those who weren't at your wedding in a  lovely sharing of your joy and your delight in each other.

Couples are working harder to ensure the stability of their marriage - during the engagement period pre-marriage courses are available to smooth the transition from single hood to living as a couple. Reaffirming your vows is a natural progression of this commitment to your marriage, as well as to each other.  The process of reaffirmation plays a role in the work and process of a marriage, the process of staying in love.

A Renewal of Vows ceremony can be a  meaningful, touching and revivifying occasion, not only for you as a couple, but also for your family. It provides a formal and romantic opportunity for you to reflect on your marriage and your future, an opportunity to reassess your relationship and thereby further cement it.  The emphasis is on your relationship and and your commitment, on all the unique and personal things that have made your marriage endure, so a reaffirmation ceremony is a gracious and heartfelt way of thanking your family and your friends for the love and the support they've shown you and your relationship over the years.

It is also a wonderful example to members of younger generations because it demonstrates that, as partners in a relationship that encourages synergism without loss of identity, you have learned that each year in a healthy marriage brings the potential for greater closeness and deeper fulfilment.

A reaffirmation ceremony is similar in format to a wedding ceremony.  You might like to reaffirm the vows you actually made on your wedding day, or you may like to write new vows which reflect the maturity of your relationship, and perhaps refer to the joys and tribulations you have shared.  And you can incorporate readings and symbolic rituals, such as the lighting of candles, and exchange of roses or of assaisonnieres.

Why not celebrate a significant anniversary by reaffirming the love and commitment you came into your marriage with, celebrating the way this love and commitment has matured and deepened?

Your ceremony can be as traditional or as creative as you wish. You can replicate your original wedding as closely as possible (always bearing in mind that, unlike some other countries, in Australia the wording of your ceremony, and particularly your vows, cannot be a repeat marriage). Or you can do something different, have the ceremony you would have liked to have had the first time round, but for various reasons, did not.

This time round you might like to include your children, with family vows, or you might like to include a symbolic ritual that emphasises the strength of your relationship and your ongoing commitment.

In preparing for your reaffirmation ceremony I will spend time getting to know you to ensure I create a ceremony which perfectly reflects your needs, your beliefs, your values and the specialness that is your marriage. As with all my ceremonies, I will ensure that the ceremony is inclusive and participatory, and that the ceremony includes all significant family members and friends.

You will be provided with a beautifully presented souvenir copy of the ceremony,
and an attractive reaffirmation of vows certificate.

Reaffirmation of Vows Ceremony Packages

More information:
Acknowledging your parents
Arranging a reaffirmation ceremony for your parents is a lovely way to acknowlege the role-model their marriage has been for the family, to celebrate with them a significant anniversary, or as a very special gesture of appreciation from a newly married couple for the time and expense your parents put into your wedding - but be absolutely sure that it is something they would like to do.

Wedding anniversaries
The traditional list of Wedding Anniversaries was first developed in the Victorian era. Originally quite a short list, over the intervening years it has expanded until it covers every anniversary from the first to the 75th. In English-speaking countries the order of gifts starts with simple items  and gradually increase in value and substance.  Because the list has grown over a period spanning three centuries, some  of the original items, such as ivory, have become politically incorrect and substitutes have been added to the list. In other cases, the extent to which commercial interests are reflected in the growing list are not clear. As the gifts are symbolic, whatever works for you or for the couple whose milestone anniversary you are acknowledging, is appropriate.

Wedding Anniversaries

          Paper (Clocks)                          27th
Cotton (China) 28th
Leather (Crystal, Glass) 29th
Linen or Silk or Fruits & Flowers (Appliances) 30th
Pearl (Diamond)
 5th Wood (Silverware)
 6th Iron (Wood Objects)
 7th Wool or Copper (Desk sets)
 8th Bronze (Linen, Lace)
 9th Pottery or China (Leather goods)
35th Coral (Jade)
10th Tin or Aluminum (Diamond)
Bone China
11th Steel (Fashion jewelry)
12th Silk (Pearls orColored gems) 38th
13th Lace (Textiles or Furs) 39th
14th Ivory or Agate (Gold jewelry) 40th Ruby
15th Crystal (Watches) 41st
16th Peridot
Improved Real Estate
17th Watches
18th Cat's-eye
19th Aquamarine
45th Sapphire
20th China (Platinum) 50th
21st Brass
22nd Copper
Diamond or Emerald
23rd Silver-Plate
24th Musical Instruments
25th Silver (Sterling silver) 75th
Diamonds, diamond-like stones, gold
26th (Original Pictures)