Dinnah & Ruel's Rustic Wedding

Wedding Date: December 4th, 2015
Ceremony: Under the Fig Trees, Old Petrie Town
After-Ceremony Celebration
: Garden Deck, Old Petrie Town

Dinnah & Ruel

Tell us about your ceremony
Finding  our wedding ceremony and reception wasn't an easy task. I already knew from the start that  we wanted to be wed under or among the trees, the Fig Tree Grove at Old Petrie Town at Dayboro was the perfect choice and the venue was made available for us just two weeks before the wedding day. Our ceremony was a heart-warming moment of our wedding day. We had a lot of tears, love and laughter. The ceremony officiated by our celebrant, Jennifer Cram, made us feel very comfortable that is why we  were able to open ourselves up and express our feelings to all our guests. That is why love, laughter and tears were felt all around.

Ceremony site - Old Petrie Town for
                          Dinnah and Ruel's wedding
Dinnah and Ruel and attendants
Describe your experience with Jennifer Cram as your celebrant
Our first priority was booking our celebrant.  Meeting Jennifer  was a stress-free experience, and booking her as our celebrant was way beyond our expectations. Hassle-free, stress-free and smooth sailing experience. Our celebrant has the knowledge and passion in doing what she does. That is why our wedding day was a dream come true.
Dinnah & Ruel's wedding at Old
                          Petrie Town
A word from Jennifer ... I had previously been the celebrant for Dinnah's sister Maria and brother-in-law Gerry,  so it was an especial pleasure to catch up with them and one of her friends and her husband who I had also married. I loved the family warmth expressed during the ceremony, and that I could include a custom related to their Filipino heritage - with an Aussie twist of course! And being able to share that they were born in the same hospital but didn't meet until 2002 was great fun. The highlight of the ceremony was definitely the beautiful vows they wrote themselves, with a little help from me.

Tell us about your reception/post wedding party or other celebration
The reception was held on the Garden Deck.
Garden Deck Reception Old Petrie Town

What was your most important wedding buy?
Our wedding rings.
Dinnah and Ruel's wedding rings

  • It was a Do-It-Yourself Wedding - in line with the simple and intimate wedding with a rustic and vintage flair that Dinnah had always wanted.
  • The wedding ceremony decorations were a collaborative effort between Dinnah's sister, one of the bridesmaids, Dinnah, and Ruel.
Mazon Jar Lanterns carried by the
                          Decorations and Favors
  • The reception decorations, the invitations, the bridesmaids' mason jar lamps, the Dinnah's bouquet and Ruel's Boutonniere were all made by Dinnah.
Chalkboard Wedding CakeChalkboard
                          Wedding Cake 2
  • The chalkboard wedding cake was made by the same bridesmaid who helped with the decorations..
What we loved… The wedding ceremony officiated by Jennifer Cram plus the venue under the Fig Tree at Old Petrie Town were a dream come true for myself and my groom, we couldn't ask for more..

If you could turn back the clock, what would you change? Give more time to wedding planning (at least six months preparation)

Pearls of wedding wisdom from the bride… Laugh a lot and love a lot!  Laugh with each other is the simplest therapy. Love each other everyday, that is the only thing you can give to each other when you both grow old.

Pearls of wedding wisdom from the groom…  Put God before everything else and make God the center of your life. And be each other's best friend by not changing who we are but by accepting all the good and the bad.

Tell us a little about your photographer… Our photographer was a friend