Emily & Tony's Pop Culture Wedding

Wedding Date: November 28th, 2015
Ceremony and After-Ceremony Celebration: Family acreage property at Beaudesert

Emily&Tony and their wedding

Tell us about your ceremony
We decided not to have a bridal party. It was a small ceremony anyway, with only 30 people in attendance including bride and groom. We felt it was already our closest loved ones without need to narrow it down to a bridal party etc. The ceremony itself was small and simple, with touches to who are are. It was held down on an open space of grassy land surrounded by trees with a lake style dam behind. We had an archway in front that we decorated with handmade flowers made from comic book pages along with the letters E & T also covered in comic book pages. Our guests sat in simple white chairs with multicoloured ribbons attached to each chair to add colour. We walked down the aisle together to the song All of Me by John Legend and stood facing guests. Our wonderful celebrant crafted our ceremony and vows with so many perfect nods to the geeks we both are. It was funny, sweet and mentioned the groom's love for video games and the bride's love for Harry Potter and Superheroes. The vows and ceremony were both intimate and personal, shared with those we loved most. Exactly what we had wanted.
Emily&Tony-CeremonySiteEmily & Tony - the ceremony

Describe your experience with Jennifer Cram as your celebrant
From the moment we met Jennifer we knew we had made the right decision. She completely understood us both as people and as a couple. She saw that we didn't want a run of the mill ceremony that people had seen a hundred times before. We wanted something different but true to us as people and she couldn't have done better. We were so thrilled with every aspect of the ceremony and vows. We were also so impressed with how thorough Jennifer was with her questionnaires and all the effort she put in in getting to know us. Our whole experience was so easy and stress-free and she really eased us through what could have been a crazy ball of stress.

Emily & Tony Signing their
                          Marriage Certificate

A word from Jennifer ... It was great fun working with Emily and Tony, and so easy. In the introduction to their ceremony I said:  They are just traditional enough to be looking forward to marriage because they want to be able to refer to one another as husband and wife. In fact, Tony told me “My love for her totally changed my outlook on marriage and relationships in general. She makes me so happy, and I can’t wait to spend my life with her”  However, I’m pretty confident that you would think you’d wandered into an alternative universe if these two geeky and unique people ... got married in a ceremony that was indistinguishable from the average traditional wedding. A magic moment during the ceremony for me was when their ring bearer, applying the sort of logic only a 3-year old can, decided that a ball was for throwing, so threw the Pokeball containing the rings instead of presenting it, and Tony, after removing the rings, threw it back. I also loved that they had their mothers as the witnesses.

Emily&Tony-Rings and PokeballEmily&Tony-Ring BearerEmily&Tony Throwing Pokeball

Tell us about your reception/post wedding party or other celebration
Our reception was held on the deck of the property's house. The reception had a Harry Potter theme. There were 4 tables for the guests with each table centred around one of each of the 4 Hogwarts houses. The bride/groom table was then Hogwarts and contained elements from all 4 houses. Our wedding cake was a Nintendo/Super Mario themed cake with custom made cake toppers made to look exactly like the bride and groom. We had a reception with food and drinks with friends, then afterwards we had a large party with all our other friends we didn't have at the wedding itself. Photo booth, drinks, music and a lot of glow sticks.
Emily&Tony Hogwarts tables

What was your most important wedding buy?
The bride's dress and the groom's Super Mario themed tie. Our most important buy after those was definitely the wedding cake. It was Super Mario themed with custom cake toppers made to look like us.
Emily&Tony Wedding Cake

  • Emily carried a bouquet of paper flowers made from Harry Potter book pages, and wore a pair of comic book covered boots.
Emily&Tony- Emily's Harry Potter
                          book bouquetEmily&Tony Emily's wedding boots
  • Tony wore a bright blue dress shirt rolled to the elbows with black pants and a Super Mario themed tie.
  • Our Save-the-Date cards were Super Mario themed, our invitations were Marvel Comics themed and our after party invites were Pokemon themed. Our wedding rings are custom made Super Mario brick bands with a Playstation controller in the middle.
  • We handmade a comic book covered card box, comic covered Mr & Mrs signs, Beauty and the Beast themed bride and groom toasting glasses and Lion King themed guestbook. We signed our marriage certificate with an Ironman pen atop a table covered with Batman fabric. Our guests received favour boxes in the shape of the question mark box from Super Mario games. Inside the favour boxes we put items that represented things we love, including Transformers key rings, Pokemon Nanoblocks, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles bookmarks and conversation candy hearts. We also placed disposable cameras on each table for the guests to take their own pictures. We had a Pokeball ring box delivered to us by our friend's child dressed in a Pikachu onesie.
What we loved… was the fact our wedding was so completely and totally us.

If you could turn back the clock, what would you change? absolutely nothing.

Pearls of wedding wisdom from the bride… try not to stress too much about every single tiny detail. It'll all work out the way it's supposed to. Enjoy it, enjoy the planning as well as the day itself, it's all worth it.

Pearls of wedding wisdom from the groom… don't sweat the small stuff.

Tell us a little about your photographer… Our photographer was a close high school friend of the bride. His name is Timothy Harrigan and he currently resides in Melbourne. He did the most amazing job and we could not be happier with our photos.

Tell us about other wedding suppliers that you were impressed with, and why… Our amazing cake, made by A'lloras Patisserie. The bride's bouquet made by seller TreeTownPaper from Invites by IMetHimOnASunday from Custom cake toppers by Kate Ringe.