Commitment Ceremonies

For any one of a number of reasons you may not be able or willing to legally marry, but still wish to celebrate your relationship with family and friends without making a legal commitment. While a commitment ceremony has no legal standing, it is an act of love, a ceremony that celebrates your love and expresses your commitment to one another in the presence of family and friends.  It can also be an intensely private experience for the two of you with no witnesses.

Where you have already registered your relationship or your civil partnership (it is free to do that with Births, Deaths, and Marriages in Queensland) we can tailor your commitment ceremony to be a celebration of that.

I will be glad to help you plan your commitment ceremony so that it reflects what you and your partner most value. The format of a commitment ceremony is similar to that of a wedding, but without the legal requirements. As well as vows, exchange of rings or other symbolic gifts, and that all-important public kiss, symbolic rituals can be included.

I offer a number of different ceremony packages, each of which provides the same high quality, the same personal service, the same level of creativity, and the same care in the preparation of your ceremony. You'll also get lots of inclusions and freebies. The difference in the fee I charge for different packages reflects the following:
  • type/complexity of the ceremony, including number of guests and size of bridal party because more of either adds complexity and requires more time in preparation of the ceremony
  • time required to develop the ceremony
  • whether a rehearsal is required
  • the day of the week on which the ceremony is held
  • the location of the ceremony
  • how much equipment is needed

I offer three types of Commitment ceremony

  • Couture (custom-created) with different price points for three different packages
  • Warm and Wonderful (Simple but meaningful Registry-Office Style Ceremonies)
  • DIY (a professionally created ceremony without the expense of a celebrant to conduct it.

Whichever ceremony style you choose  the focus is on you and the promises you make to each other. All include a high level of engagement with you,  unlimited phone and email consultation, an individually written ceremony, generous amount of travel, performance of the ceremony at the venue of your choice, beautifully presented printed keepsake, certificate, and use of an elegant pen for the signing.

All Commitment packages include:

  • A copy of
    • my guide to having a glitch-free, stress-free commitment ceremony
    • my guide to thinking outside the box in order to have a ceremony that is perfect for you
    • a workbook version of one of my best-selling books on writing vows
  • As much help as you wish with writing your own vows (and trust me, using my methodology makes it a breeze - no need to spend hours googling to find inspiration!)
  • Development, creation, and officiating of a one-of-a-kind ceremony of meaning, substance and beauty, carefully planned and choreographed to ensure that the photos are fantastic
  • Accepting and responding to an unlimited number of emails, texts, and calls from you.
  • Liaising with your official photographer, videographer, musicians and/or DJ
  • Travel to your venue within 50 km from my office in Kenmore (above this excess travel fees apply)
  • A high quality portable PA system (for my use)

Couture (Custom-created/Bespoke) Ceremony Packages

A Couture Commitment Ceremony is the full "white-wedding" experience. It includes a full-caste rehearsal, and PA system if the number of guests requires one. while a Simpler Couture ceremony is a simpler version of this that requires no rehearsal. because there is no bridal party as such. In addition to all the standard inclusions, Couture Ceremony packages also include:
  • Lots of helpful information about all the things  you need to consider when planning the ceremony
  • An information gathering process that involves completing detailed questionnaires, allowing you to give me all the rich details of your relationship together with your wishes for your ceremony
  • Completely personal, one-of-a-kind ceremony
  • A beautifully presented keepsake copy of the ceremony
  • Rehearsal – full caste at venue of Couture Wedding Ceremony, couple only at my office for Simpler and Intimate Couture Ceremonies

Couture Commitment Ceremony

$695 ($640 Mon-Thurs)

A richly symbolic ceremony, which includes family, friends, a professionally choreographed processional, and rituals and readings (optional). The ceremony of choice if you plan to have a significant number of guests and a large bridal party and/or rituals that need a rehearsal.

Simpler Couture Wedding Ceremony

$620 ($565 Mon-Thurs)

Where you want a simpler ceremony, with a small wedding party, uncomplicated processional (or no processional), and only simple rituals requiring no rehearsal, a Simpler Couture Wedding may be appropriate.

Intimate Couture Wedding Ceremony

$545 ($490 Mon-Thurs)

Bigger isn't always better, but it always costs more.  Keeping your ceremony small and intimate also keeps the focus on your vows, and allows you to spend quality time with each of your guests. If you wish to have a very private commitment, all it takes is the three of us, the two of you, plus me, as your celebrant (and perhaps your fur kids). 

Warm and Wonderful Commitment Package
$400 ($350 Mon-Thurs)

A very simple ceremony with the capacity to personalise the important bits

A Warm and Wonderful Commitment Ceremony is a relaxed ceremony that requires some imput from you, but only enough to personalise the important bits, so it is easy to organise. It is definitely not a  generic one-size fits all, slot name in here ceremony.  Where you would like a ceremony that is warm, friendly and personal in its delivery, that includes personal input from you (but does not require you to do a huge amount of "homework"), acknowledges your family and friends and gives you choice of the vows you will exchange, but which is as simple and easy for you to arrange as a wedding at the registry office, a Warm and Wonderful  ceremony is a viable, and more economical option. Within this package you can choose the style and tone of the ceremony and I encourage you to write your own vows.

DIY Commitment Ceremony Package

A professionally created ceremony without the expense of a celebrant to lead it

The package includes
  • Information pack and workbook
  • A custom-created ceremony
  • A selection of rituals to choose from (optional)
  • Keepsake copy of the ceremony from which to read the ceremony on the day
  • PDF file for a print-yourself certificate
  • Printed commemorative certificate is available at an extra charge