This is just a taste of the wide range of  useful information to help with planning of your ceremony and making decisions related to your ceremony I provide once you have booked me as your celebrant.

"Fashionably late" is not only out of fashion, it could cost you money, compromise your whole wedding, and send a very negative message about your relationship. .... Download

Your ceremony is socially and emotionally important, and, in the case of a wedding, it changes your legal status. Ensuring that it is a unique and special occasion takes planning, time, and thought. When you focus on the ceremony you’ll find all the other decisions about where to have the ceremony, who to invite, what to wear, and how to allocate your budget fall into place. .... Download

You don't want to start your married life by breaking the law! Here is some valuable information about what the legal situation is regarding using music or material written by others in your ceremony. Short version is "Not without written permission, acknowledgement, and/or a licence" - so you cannot use parts of ceremonies copied off the internet. For more detail ..... Download
Recent floods, record rain and record high temperatures emphasise how important it is to plan ahead for a last minute change to your ceremony venue. Here's a heads-up about all the things you need to consider in that plan .... Download
There are lots of green ways to substitute imagination for your dollars to stretch your budget and reduce your stress.... Download
Paying tribute to those who have passed away is becoming an accepted addition to wedding ceremonies .... Download
Add a visual element to your ceremony by including a ritual, but avoid the tacky and the overdone .... Download
There are a number of considerations and constraints you might have to work around when it comes to choosing the day, date and time for your ceremony. These will differ depending on the type of ceremony, but in general could include some or all of the following .... Download
In Queensland outdoor ceremonies are popular all year round. While such ceremonies can be picturesque, they can also be absolutely miserable experiences for the guests when it is very hot, very windy, or raining. Worse, conditions on the day could be dangerous. ... Download