Legals Only Wedding

A legals-only wedding allows you to get legally married with the minimum of fuss, bother and expense.

Basically, we do the paperwork, I say the words the Marriage Act requires me to say, you say the words the Marriage Act requires each of you to say, two adult witnesses present, we all sign, and that's it. Of course, if you want to have rings, have me declare that you are now married, and share that very special kiss, that's part of it too - but you don't have to do anything you don't want to.

Many celebrants actively dislike legals-only weddings because they see them as a procedure, rather than a ceremony. But, even though it is minimal, Australian law requires a ceremony - and I really enjoy the way in which everyone (even the marrying couple) is completely relaxed. Magic happens!

A legals-only ceremony is perfect if you
  • are having a non-legal wedding overseas, but want to have your legal marriage registered in Australia
  • are getting married in church in a religious ceremony, but the minister/pastor is not licensed to perform legal marriages
  • can't agree on what sort of wedding to have (it happens) so have decided to just get married and make decisions about having a wedding later
  • want the minimum fuss and the cheapest option but would still like to have control over when and where
My Married in a MinuteTM option is likely to be the perfect choice for you. Minimum legal requirements but in a relaxed atmosphere accompanied with love and laughter, so it is definitely not a "getting a dog licence" experience.
  • No fancy venue needed - basically your place or mine, or perhaps a favourite coffee shop, (yours, not mine!), park bench, or even sitting in your car.
  • No preparation on your part (apart from completing and lodging the Notice of Intended Marriage at least a month ahead and showing me your documents)
  • We sit down round a table and just do it - or stand up if you prefer.
  • Of course, I will involve your witnesses and the whole experience will be made special by your warm and friendly celebrant (moi!)
  • And when you book I'll give you my booklets How to be Married in a Minute, Stress-Free and Getting Married, Your Rights and Obligations as well as pre-marriage relationship education information including the government pamphlet Happily Ever Before .... and After.

"Married in a Minute - with Handfasting"

The barest minimum of legal words with a visually gorgeous handfasting thrown in. It adds another minute to the experience, but what an addition (and I supply the necessary).