A Quick Overview of the Services I Provide

My primary mission is to work with you to provide you with a unique ceremony that respects your wishes, exceeds your expectations, and engages and entertains everyone present.

Follow the links below for information about the various ceremonies and other services I provide, including prices and inclusions.

My Promise to you

  • Your ceremony won't be boring - life's too short for boring.
  • The process won't be difficult or overly time-consuming - I'm all about being organised and efficient,  about not causing you unnecessary expense or making unnecessary work for you.  
  • I will adhere to the highest possible service standard from our first contact to after your ceremony.
  • You are not going to be stressed about the ceremony. I'm not just your celebrant, I'm your ceremony coach, so I coach you through the process to make sure that you can relax and enjoy every stage of the process as well as the ceremony
  • I don't just create and perform the ceremony, I stage-manage it as well
  • Where there is legal stuff to be taken care of, I've got it covered, so I'll guide you through what you have to do, and make sure that everything I have to do is done promptly, correctly, and with the least fuss possible
  • I've got your back - whatever the issue, I'm on your side
  • I pitch in as part of the whole team of people who you've chosen to make your day something special, so I not only work with your photographer, videographer, and other service providers for the best outcome on the day, I consider their needs and how to meet them from the very beginning of the process of crafting your ceremony