Types of Wedding Ceremonies

Within the very minimal constraints of a legal civil marriage ceremony or commitment ceremony** , you have complete freedom to have the type of wedding your wish. I believe it is  important your ceremony that your wedding should be a personal experience, that the ceremony is infused with the essence of who you are as individuals, and as a couple. You may also want to have people who are important to you participating in the ceremony or to include particular family or cultural traditions.

** Whether or not the ceremony creates a legal marriage or is a non-legal ceremony, such as a commitment ceremony, it can still be a wedding!

There are endless possibilities .......

You may choose to have a traditional wedding, or you may choose to have a particular type of wedding or to incorporate elements from other types of weddings in your ceremony. As a couple you are joining your lives and that means combining your individual histories, what you are bringing into your marriage. You may, therefore, wish to incorporate family or cultural traditions My job is to make your wishes a reality by creating for you a ceremony that speaks to your hearts and to the hearts of everyone present.

So, whatever you can imagine, I'm up for it (other than ceremonies on things that move (I get seasick) or anything that requires a very long hike (equipment!) or climbing.

In broad terms, the things that put your personal stamp on your wedding are:
  • where you plan to hold it - wedding venue, public or historic building, park, chapel, restaurant, backyard, or wherever
  • who you include in the ceremony - children, pets, parents, friends, etc
  • if you include rituals or other elements that reflect your cultural heritage
  • if you decide to have a non-religious/secular/humanist ceremony or to include elements that reflect your spiritual or ethical beliefs
  • if you decide to have a theme wedding, and what the theme is
  • Whether you want to just go with the flow and have parts of the ceremony spontaneous and unstructured, or have a structured ceremony with a traditional feel - or something in between

Or you may just decide to skip a lot of the wedding planning hassles and opt for a secret wedding or a surprise wedding.

Unfortunately life isn't always kind or fair, so there may be other considerations that dictate the type of wedding you have, or you there may be immigration requirements where you are applying for a prospective marriage visa.

Where there is a genuine need to marry very quickly because of ill-health or imminent military deployment, for example, it is possible to obtain special permission to do so with less than the mandatory month's notice. In these circumstances I can assist you to obtain the necessary permission and, at short notice, create and conduct a simple and sensitive ceremony. The ceremony can be held in a hospital, or at home, or any venue of your choice.

In cases of serious illness a bedside wedding may be the only option. The ceremony may be held at home, in hospital or in a hospice. My personal commitment to you is that the ceremony will be a sensitive but joyful celebration of your love.

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