Where to from here for your Wedding Ceremony?

I am a professional, full time celebrant and therefore I work hard to make sure that everything is done in a professional, business-like fashion and that
  • you know exactly what you can expect from me
  • you know exactly what I expect from you in order to enable me to develop, create, and deliver a uniquely personal ceremony for you, and most importantly,
  •  that you know what you need to do in order to fulfil the requirements of the Marriage Act

You've had an opportunity to look through my website, to form an impression about my experience, skill, and knowledge, to see what my many happy customers have said about my services, so you may be wondering what happens next.

Hopefully the information on this page will give you a clear picture of what to expect for your  ceremony. And by the way, because I'm based in the Brisbane Western Suburbs, Ipswich and Logan are easily accessible. I also travel to Redcliffe, Redlands, and Pine Rivers (and further afield by negotiation)

  • Choose the wedding ceremony package that will best meet your needs
  • Call me (0431 987 313) or email me to check my availability for your date, time, and venue and for a chat and/or further information
  • If you're happy with what I offer and are fairly sure you'd like to go ahead with me, we can arrange to meet  (NB a meeting is not a must-do, it is perfectly possible to make all arrangements by phone, email and/or mail and to meet for the first time on your wedding day)
  • When we meet (the meeting will take about 1.5 hours)
  • We will briefly discuss your vision for your wedding and your wedding ceremony in general terms (I reserve detailed information about the many unique creative additions I have developed, and specific suggestions for your ceremony until you have made a firm booking with me).
  • I will talk with you about the order in which things happen in a ceremony. This is relatively flexible as it depends on your decisions about what you will include in the ceremony.
  • I will explain the timeline I've found to be most effective for ceremony development and what you need to do to provide me with the information I need to develop a unique ceremony for you
  • I will go over the legal requirements.
  • I’ll check the Notice of Intended Marriage and we can make any corrections/alterations necessary
  • I’ll sight your documents (I will provide you with detailed information about which documents are required/acceptable in your individual circumstances)
  • Reserve my services for the date, time and place of your wedding by making a firm booking by completing my Booking Form (which I will provide when you enquire) and paying the non-refundable retainer (booking fee) portion of the ceremony fee
  • I will send you a detailed invoice/receipt together with helpful information to assist you with forward planning
  • I will accept an unlimited number of phone calls and emails
  • Closer to the wedding date we will start the process of developing your ceremony.
  • One month before the wedding you will finalise the account
  • We will make arrangements for your rehearsal (where included)
  • About two weeks before the ceremony we will finalise the ceremony
  • On the day I will arrive well before the ceremony commencement time in order to set up, liaise with everyone, assist with last minute preparation, and organise the guests.
  • I will present you with your Commonwealth Government Marriage Certificate
  • I will promptly forward your marriage papers for the registration of your marriage
  • I will ask for feedback about my services

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