For Those on a Limited Budget
- A Much Simpler Ceremony

For couples who are focused on their relationship and genuinely want a simple, inexpensive wedding without all the trappings, I offer a simple, relaxed and much more personal and private alternative to a Registry Office Wedding.

This type of ceremony is also frequently chosen by couples fulfilling the requirements of fiancé visa immigration.

Unfortunately, my experience is that where couples make their choice of celebrant solely on price it is usually because they assume that all celebrants are alike, possibly because every wedding they've ever attended was the same, so they may as well try and find the cheapest.

While budget is important (you don't want to mortgage your future just for the sake of a wedding), your celebrant is the only wedding professional/wedding supplier
  • who has legal obligations in relations to your marriage, including overseeing the contract between you and taking you into a legally recognised change in your status.
  • who you can't omit or replace with DIY
It follows then that unless you really don't care about your ceremony, choosing your celebrant solely on price makes as much sense as buying your wedding dress solely on price without paying any attention to size, fit, or style.

Warm and Wonderful (Not-the-Registry) Office Weddings

Warm and Wonderful Weddings are a romantic and more personal alternative to a Registry Office wedding for those who want to marry during the week, either in a small private ceremony with just you and your two official witnesses or in the presence of family and friends (up to 40 people).

The ceremony will be more personal than the Registry Office Ceremony, will be delivered in a warm and friendly fashion, and you can choose your vows and other selected parts of the ceremony from beautifully written original alternatives I provide you that include both the traditional and contemporary vows. The ceremony will also feature unique inclusions not offered by any other celebrant.

It will be similar to a registry office wedding ONLY  in that it will be
      • easy to arrange
      • won't require numerous meetings or a great deal of input  (aka homework) from you
It will be different from a registry office wedding in that it will NOT be
  • generic
  • impersonal (I encourage you to write your own vows, or choose them from a selection I provide
  • held where your celebrant requires (the choice of venue is up to you)
  • restricted to office hours
How this works:
  • We meet once, at a mutually convenient time (after hours is fine) in my office, and at this meeting
    • we talk about the style of ceremony you would like
    • I take the two of you through the ceremony so you will feel comfortable on the day
    • we  complete the Notice of Intended Marriage
    • where possible you show me your proofs of ID and how any previous marriage ended, however, if that is not possible, you may show me those on your wedding day, just before the ceremony commences.
    • you confirm the location for the ceremony and pay the deposit
  • The ceremony fee covers
    • Delivery of your chosen ceremony style of ceremony with warmth and friendliness
    • Attendance at the venue agreed
    • Solemnising of the marriage
    • Compliance with all legal requirements
    • Provision of the Presentation certificate and a beautifully presented copy of your vows as a keepsake
  • The following conditions apply
    • The ceremony can take place anytime (24/7)
    • The ceremony venue is your choice of private residence or other venue
    • No complicated processional, rituals or readings

Really only want the legals? Perhaps because you are planning the big white wedding bash overseas? Ask about my Married in a Minute option....

By comparison,  for a Registry Office Wedding you will
  • pay less for a business hours wedding, including Saturday (but will need to pay parking for both the lodgement of the Notice and the actual wedding), but you will pay MORE for an evening wedding Friday/Saturday
  • be unable to marry
    • before 9.30 am
    • after 4.30 Mon-Thursday
    • on Sunday or public holidays
    • between Christmas and New Year
  • have to attend during business hours to complete and lodge your Notice of Intended Marriage
  • have a  standard quickie marriage ceremony with
    • no personalisation
    • no choice - of place, celebrant, vows, or anything else
    • no readings
    • no rituals
    • limited number of guests
    • no food or drink allowed in the Registry Office or its immediate environs
Candidly, many couples go the Registry Office or the Courthouse because they want a short, cheap, and easy marriage ceremony, and because they think the arrangements can be made at short notice.  But that is probably not what will really happen.

Despite the attempts made by the Registry Office to provide more attractive surroundings getting married at the Registry Office can be a less-than-romantic experience. To complete the paperwork you need to line up, and you will be required to have all proofs of ID with you, including final divorce certificate. In practical terms this means that, while it is legal to get married the day after your divorce becomes final, you will be unable to marry at the Registry Office for at least a month after that date. To get married you need to line up. And you will be told what time is free - rather like going to the dentist. 

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